M/V “Borcacay Island”’s Maiden Voyage Call at Manzanillo, Mexico

Last November 17th M/V “Boracay Island”’s Maiden Voyage call at Manzanillo, Mexico, was celebrated with a luncheon aboard vessel, Toko Line’s fleet newest member.


Unit is a multiputpose ship, 180 meters LOA and 31 meters beam, flying Panamanian flag.  She sailed from Kakogawa, Japan, with almost 20 thousand metric tons of steel coils, bound to Ensenada, Baja California, Mexico, and then headed Portland, Oregon, to subsequently return to Japan.


The maiden voyage ceremony took place with vessel berthed at pier 8.  Master and all of his crew were toasted by port Authorities and representatives.  They were handed commemorative plaques by Toko Line’s ship agents, Navieros & Consignaciones, and by Harbor Master, among others.


Hugo Chagoyan, Port Administration’s Commercial Manager, congratulated Master Lionilo Caballero and all of his crew, conveying at the same Port Administration’s full support on commercial operations at Port of Manzanillo.


Likewise, Roberto Meillon, Navieros & Consignaciones’ Managing Director, remarked:


“A year ago we celebrated M/V “Rising Sun”’s, “Boracay Island”’s sister ship, maiden voyage at Manzanillo, signifying the excellent job performed to achieve the goal of carrying more cargo into Manzanillo”.


He also highlighted the shipping line’s investment in building newer and more modern vessels to join their merchant fleet.  He also pointed out how Toko Line is the line carrying mainly steel products from Japan, with operations in Ensenada, Manzanillo, Altamira and Tampico.


Lionilo Caballero, “Boracay Island”’s vessel Master, expressed his gratitude to all of Manzanillo Port representatives for their support with ship operation, mentioning that the ship’s modernity has the objective of carrying more commodities to Mexico and become a link between companies for foreign trade’s future.


Among the attendees were:


  • Toko Kaiun Kaisha Ltd. America representative, Greg Canonica.
  • Master Mariner Genaro Narváez, representing Harbor Master Marcelino Tapia.
  • Mexican Ship Agents Association local representative, Jose Arrioja.
  • Mexican National Environmental Protection Agency’s Inspectors’ Coordinator, Javier Martinez.
  • Pacific Coast Naval Capacitation and Training Center Director, Commander Raúl García.


Along with service suppliers, port representatives and special guests.